Reddit user accidentally buys unreleased 3rd generation Chromecast from Best Buy

Reddit user accidentally buys unreleased 3rd generation Chromecast from Best Buy

Google is planning to launch its upcoming flagship Google Pixel 3 lineup at its annual hardware event in about ten days. Months before the official launch of the Google Pixel 3 devices, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL leaked out in extensive detail with some websites even purchasing the device from grey market to put out complete reviews. However, it looks like Pixel 3 lineup is not the only hardware that Google will launch at its October 9, 2018 event. It was expected that the company may launch the next generation of Pixel Book along with a new Chromecast but the new Chromecast launch has almost been confirmed.

According to a post on Reddit, it looks like the original poster was able to purchase an unreleased third generation Google Chromecast from Best Buy. The post included an image of the unreleased Chromecast alongside the second generation Chromecast. According to a report by GSMArena, it is likely that Best Buy accidentally placed the device on the shelves as while buying, the device was not part of the database. However, the customer had the device in his hand and the price was similar to the second generation device so the cashier billed him under the second generation model.

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The report noted fundamental design differences between the second generation and third generation Chromecast devices noting that the third generation one “comes in a thicker shell” along with a Google logo instead of the Chrome logo.

The device still sports a micro USB port and the HDMI connector does not magnetically attach itself to the main device. The form-factor seems similar to the second generation device so it is likely that major changes lie in the internal hardware. There are no additional details available about the 3rd generation Chromecast at the time of writing.

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